KRN7000 applied to leukemia research:

CD1d expression on B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia subsets with poor prognosis

Pharmacologic Expansion of Donor-Derived, Naturally Occurring CD4(+)Foxp3(+) Regulatory T Cells Reduces Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease Lethality Without Abrogating the Graft-versus-Leukemia Effect in Murine Models

Human leukemic cells loaded with alpha-galactosylceramide (alpha-GalCer) activate murine NKT cells in situ

Dendritic cells are targets for human invariant Valpha24+ natural killer T-cell cytotoxic activity: an important immune regulatory function

Evaluation of the function of human invariant NKT cells from cancer patients using alpha-galactosylceramide-loaded murine dendritic cells

Possibility of Immunotherapy Using V.ALPHA.24NKT Cells-Induction of Apoptosis in AML M4 Leukemia Cells by V.ALPHA.24NKT Cells Through TRAIL System

NKT cell-dependent leukemia eradication following stem cell mobilization with potent G-CSF analogs

CD1d is expressed on B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells and mediates alpha-galactosylceramide presentation to natural killer T lymphocytes

Valpha24+ natural killer T-cell responses against T-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cells: implications for immunotherapy

Expression of CD1d by myelomonocytic leukemias provides a target for cytotoxic NKT cells

TRAIL expression by activated human CD4(+)V alpha 24NKT cells induces in vitro and in vivo apoptosis of human acute myeloid leukemia cells


New 7DW8-5 glycolipid


Now available 7DW8-5 glycolipid derivative of Alpha-GalCer for human and mice iNKT immunoresearch


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