Alpha-Galcer (KRN7000) review articles:

The mechanism of splenic invariant NKT cell activation dictates localization in vivo

CD1d-lipid antigen recognition by the γδ TCR

Boosting the Immune Response: The Use of iNKT cell ligands as vaccine adjuvants

Comparison of clinical and immunological effects of intravenous and intradermal administration of {alpha}-GalactosylCeramide (KRN7000) - pulsed dendritic cells

Intranasal but not intravenous delivery of the adjuvant alpha-galactosylceramide permits repeated stimulation of natural killer T cells in the lung

Janus-like role of regulatory iNKT cells in autoimmune disease and tumour immunity

The crystal structure of human CD1d with and without alpha-galactosylceramide

iNKT-cell responses to glycolipids

The Vα14 invariant natural killer T cell TCR forces microbial glycolipids and CD1d into a conserved binding mode

Nanoparticle formulated alpha-galactosylceramide activates NKT cells without inducing anergy

Invariant natural killer T cells: innate-like T cells with potent immunomodulatory activities

Functional CD1d and/or NKT cell invariant chain transcript in horse, pig, African elephant and guinea pig, but not in ruminants

Invariant NK T cells: potential for immunotherapeutic targeting with glycolipid antigens

Role of NKT cells and alpha-galactosyl ceramide

The immunoregulatory role of CD1d-restricted natural killer T cells in disease

Natural killer T cells in health and disease

Application of natural killer T cells in antitumor immunotherapy

NKT cell costimulation: experimental progress and therapeutic promise

Alpha-galactosylceramide: potential immunomodulatory activity and future application

alpha-Galactosylceramide therapy for autoimmune diseases: prospects and obstacles

PD-1/PD-L blockade prevents anergy induction and enhances the anti-tumor activities of glycolipid-activated invariant NKT cells

Invariant NKT cells sustain specific B cell responses and memory

Attenuation of invariant natural killer T-cell anergy induction through intradermal delivery of alpha-galactosylceramide

Impaired proliferative response of V alpha 24 NKT cells from cancer patients against alpha-galactosylceramide


New 7DW8-5 glycolipid


Now available 7DW8-5 glycolipid derivative of Alpha-GalCer for human and mice iNKT immunoresearch


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